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PEIA Insurance Enrollment Links and Information:

CSB Enrollment Documents


CSB Web Application Links:


CSB Email Login:

CSB Office 365 Email

Note: The login to Email is your full email address such as This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Your password is the same password as your Windows login to your CSB Admin Network PC.


Kronos, Lucity Web, Portal for ArcGIS, and the CSB Helpdesk and KB can be logged into from any device connected to the Internet with a modern Web browser.

Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge is the recommended browser to use for all of these applications


Kronos Employee Login:

Kronos Employee


Kronos Manager Login:

Kronos Manager


Lucity Web Login:

Lucity Web


Portal for ArcGIS Login:

Portal for ArcGIS

Note: For Portal for ArcGIS You login with your CSB email address


CSB Helpdesk and KB Login:

CSB Helpdesk and KB