For Thursday 1/20/2022: As part of the Woodward Drive sewer project Tribute will have crew 1 working on Blackwell Drive from Woodward Drive to Larchmont Drive and on Larchmont Drive from Blackwell Drive to 822 Larchmont Drive. Crew 2 will be working on Savary Drive from Woodward drive to the end of Savary Drive.  Crew 4 will be working on Diana Court from Woodward Drive to the end of Diana Court. All of these roads will be closed to thru traffic. Property owners  and emergency vehicles will have access. There will be long delays. All effected property owners have been notified. No parking is allowed on the sides of the road. Crew 3 will be working on Zable Drive from Woodward Drive to Ledge Hill Drive.  We will have flaggers to keep traffic flowing here. All work will take place from 7:00 A.M. till 6:00 P.M.   

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