Porter Branch and Spring Branch Sanitary Sewer Improvements and Callie Road & Anderson Heights Sanitary Sewer Improvements Project



The Porter Branch, Spring Branch, Callie Road and Anderson Heights Sewer Improvements Project is a sewer construction project designed to replace or repair deteriorating sanitary sewer infrastructure in a portion of the “South Hills” area of Charleston.  This is a mandatory project in the Charleston Sanitary Board’s (CSB) 2005 Combined Sewer Overflow Long-Term Control Plan (CSO LTCP).  The project will improve the integrity of the sanitary sewers in the project area. This project does not address storm water issues.


The project is divided into two construction contracts, numbered 15-1 and 15-2.  Both contracts will be constructed by the same contractor, Tri-State Pipeline, Inc. of Barboursville, West Virginia.


Contract 15-1 contains approximately 29,500 linear feet of 6”, 8”, 12” and 15” gravity sewer replacement pipe, spot repairs, 227 manholes, 187 lampholes or cleanouts, and 140 customer service connection replacements.  In addition to this new construction, 2,150 linear feet of 8”, 10” 12”, and 15” sewers will be rehabilitated by lining the pipe with a cured-in-place pipe liner.


The Contract 15-1 project area includes Porter’s Road, Dudley Road, Swann Road, a portion of Brittany Woods Subdivision, Chatsworth Lane, a portion Louden Heights Road, Quincy Lane, Hampton Road, Sweetbrier Road, and a portion of Connell Road.


Contract 15-2 contains approximately 25,500 linear feet of 6”, 8”, 16” and 18” gravity sewer replacement pipe, 197 manholes, 211 lampholes or cleanouts, and 160 customer service connection replacements.


The Contract 15-2 project area includes Callie Road, Anderson Heights Road, a portion of Porter’s Road, Bendview Drive, Woodcliff Drive, Estill Drive, Rockholly Road, Hilltop Court, a portion of Loudon Heights Road, a portion of Brittany Woods Subdivision, and Somerlayton Drive.



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