The Charleston Sanitary Board (CSB) is a municipal sewer utility serving Charleston and adjacent areas of Kanawha County, WV. The CSB operates a wastewater collection system and treatment plant that provides service for approximately 23,000 customers.  The CSB owns, maintains, and operates approximately 300 miles of sewage collection lines, 84 pumping stations, 5,408 manholes and a treatment plant with a sustained treatment rate capacity of 14 million gallons per day.


The CSB administers a pre-treatment program for industrial customers and a grease-trap program for customers with non-domestic food preparation. These programs are administered in accordance with Charleston Ordinances and federal and state regulations. The CSB also reviews and approves building permit applications and subdivision plans prior to construction and installs taps for new customers.


The plant treatment process is preliminary, primary clarification, high purity oxygen activated sludge, digestion, secondary clarification and ultraviolet disinfection.  The treatment plant hydraulic capacity rate is 28 million gallons per day.  The sustained full treatment rate is 14 mgpd.  With an installed recombination line, CSB can short term fully treat at a rate of 21 mgpd.  The average flow rate is 10 mgpd.